Bord na Móna’s vision ‘A New Contract with Nature’ sets out the context for a roadmap of how the Group will transform itself into a leading provider of sustainable products and services, both in Ireland and abroad. This transformation is driven by the strategic objectives that are set for each business unit. In order to achieve these objectives, new programmes and initiatives have been undertaken and new key performance indicators have been identified.

In order to ensure that the Group is moving in the right direction, Bord na Móna measures its progress annually against these key performance indicators. The Group then reports its findings in its annual Sustainability Report.

This year Bord na Móna will publish its fourth Sustainability Report, which provides an update on three key areas of performance – planet, people and profit.

The report will fulfil the following objectives:

  • To communicate with the Group’s key stakeholders and to inform them of the steps that have been taken in the last year in implementing programmes and initiatives in the area of biodiversity and eco-systems, commercialisation of sustainable products and services and the development of staff;
  • To outline the targets and plans that the Group will be implementing over the next few years in order to become more sustainable, and
  • To highlight measures that the Group has undertaken to embed sustainability key performance indicators into the day-to-day operations of the business. The data related to these indicators is critical for measuring and reporting progress. The Group is continuously examining ways to optimise this process.

As the developed world’s economies move towards a low carbon platform, significant opportunities exist for Bord na Móna to become a strong player in the provision of sustainable and environmental products and services. Bord na Móna is focused on maximising these opportunities in implementing its vision of ‘A New Contract with Nature’.

The recruitment process for a Sustainability Manager is at an advanced stage.

The 2012 Sustainability Report will be produced using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. This approach requires the company to measure and disclose its performance towards the goal of sustainable development. The 2012 Sustainability Report will be launched later in the year.